A Quick Guide to the Dreaded Book Slump

A Quick Guide to the Dreaded Book Slump

        You’ve done it. All of your homework has been finished, your finals are over, and you’re ready to snuggle up with a book. You open up your newly-brought novel, and … you can’t seem to want to read beyond the first page.

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Yes, you are in a reading slump. Luckily, this is an easy fix. Here are three ways to get out of a horrible reading slump:
1) re-reading some old favorites                                                                                                             Yes, the books sitting on your bookshelf aren’t just for decoration. They are actually great cures for reading slumps. Your worn-out copy of Harry Potter or you brand new but already favorite copy of Six of Crows will suffice.

2) Stop to smell the roses

Revving up your creative juices is a perfect way to get over a reading slump. Draw the sunset or go on a hike in a tulip field. Bring a book to the beach.


3) Try something out of your comfort zone

Haven’t read a complex, worldbuilding fantasy in a while? Maybe you just need to change up what you typically read to get back into reading.


Hope my advice helps! Have you ever been n a terrible reading slump? Comment down below!


I’m restarting my Blog! and other bookish news.

I’m restarting my Blog! and other bookish news.

Hey you guys! It’s been way too long, and I sincerely apologize.  I want to back to book reviews, and I have quite a few in store! I’ve been reading a ton of novels, and have plenty that I’d like to share my thoughts and opinions on. I’m going to start blogging frequently (Every week or so) and try to write interesting posts.

Also a lot has been going on in my personal life since the last time I blogged. Since November, I’ve:

  • Reached over one thousand followers on Instagram
  • Won an honorable mention for a novel I wrote
  • Wrote another novel (about mental illness)
  • Read plenty of new novels

and that’s basically it! Be sure to tell me some of your most anticipated new releases in the comments down below, as I’m very eager to find some new material to read!

Fish Girl

Fish Girl



Want a beautiful, light read for you and your child? Look no further, this stunning graphic novel titled “Fish Girl” has an instantly hooking story with amazing art. The story occurs in a seaside town a bit like Monterey Bay, and Fish Girl, a mermaid, is part of a seaside attraction. The illustrations really gave me an ocean-y feel, making this an awesome beach read. The girl than meets another young child named Livia. She gets out of the water and discovers the real truth about herself. Everything about the book was absolutely beautiful. The only dissapointment that I had was the ending, but my only problem was that it was too predictable. I would definitely reccomend this book for your shelves.

Thank you Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for providing an advanced reader’s copy of this novel for review.  This review had not been swayed or sponsored by the company, as all the opinions are my own.